Newton! for Windows 10

Newton! for Windows 10 1.01.01

Play as a hamster and escape!

Newton! is a simple platformer game for Windows 8. View full description


  • Challenging gameplay
  • Achievements
  • Good graphics


  • Gameplay can become tedious
  • Doesn't bring much new to the table


Newton! is a simple platformer game for Windows 8.

Play as Newton!, a lovable hamster running in a hamster ball. The game is nonsensical but remains fun. The goal of the game is to keep your momentum through the level by knocking down objects in your path. If you don't, you'll be knocked back and will lose heath. When you knock down an item, you gain 'atoms' as rewards.

Each level in Newton! gives the player a high score as well as a star rating, much like Angry Birds. While the gameplay is fun, it is a bit repetitive and you'll find yourself tapping furiously to collect all the atoms in the game. Time a jump incorrectly and you'll be running face first into an object, losing health.

The atoms that you collect don't go to waste as you can use them to purchase upgrades in the game. The introduction of this element makes Newton! consistently fun as players will have an objective and goal to chase.

Overall, Newton! is a fun way to kill some time but can get repetitive.

Newton! for Windows 10


Newton! for Windows 10 1.01.01